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Why Do My Ears Hurt When I Wear Fake Earrings?

Why do my ears hurt when I wear fake earrings? How to wear fake earrings with sensitive ears? (fake earrings are not fake, they fashion earrings and they are made of inexpensive material or metals).

If you want to know the answer, you are in the right place.

Earrings are essential in completing one’s look, especially if you’re a woman. However, things don’t go as expected, and you end up dealing with complications that you did not sign up for. One of those things is having your ears hurt when you wear earrings that are not made out of precious metals. That, for example, speaks of gold, silver or platinum. What could be some of the issues that you’re encountering? Let’s explore.

Why ears hurt when you have a piercing?

One of the reasons why ears hurt after a piercing is because piercings are essentially wounds that need time to heal. Those on the cartilage take longer to heal than those on the earlobe. Wherever the piercing is, it takes a while for the hole to completely heal, leaving you to wear whatever kind of jewelry you want.

1. Your piercing is still fresh

When the wound is always new, and you wear a different earring apart from those recommended for a piercing, then it is likely that your ears will hurt. During the healing process, you don’t want to bother the wound as it needs to be left alone. When you remove the earring or change it, then you’re undoing the healing that is taking place.

2. Your earrings are too tight

It is equally important that you don’t get earrings that are too tight; otherwise, the wound will not heal well. One can also get this infection when they touch a new piercing with dirty hands and do so often.

3. You’re allergic to the metal

Another aspect to keep in mind is that your ears can still develop an infection even year after the piercing has been made. If your ears hurt when you wear fake earrings, then that’s an indication that there could be either a reaction to the metal or the manifestation of infection. You ought to change your earrings and wear those that a professional recommends.

3. You’re dealing with toxic material in the earring

The other drawback of wearing fake earrings is that you’re not aware of the type of metals and other materials used to make it. For example, if it has a coating of color on it, you’re not assured that they have used a safe kind of paint that will not affect your wound. It could contain toxic materials that will cause an irritation or even an infection.

4. The earring is rough

The other thing with fake earrings is that you’re not guaranteed that it is going to be soft. As compared to real surgical stainless steel and gold earrings made from a reputable brand, you’ll find that there are somewhat rough edges that could be sawing through the flesh every time you move, or even you put pressure on them.

How to know you have an infection and what to do?

There are various manifestations of an infection of the ear. They include pain, swelling, redness, tenderness, a burning sensation, itchiness, and finally yellow discharge. When any of these happen, there are things you can initially do to remove the infection.

  1. Avoid touching the piercing. When you do, ensure that your hands are clean

  2. Mix salt water into distilled water and use a cotton swab to clean the infected area thrice daily.

  3. Even though you have the infection, do not remove the earring as you might cause the hole to close and thus trap the infection inside.

  4. If the infection persists, see a doctor. Signs that the infection is getting worse is a fever.

Another thing to look out for that requires you to take immediate medical attention is when the infection spreads. Equally, if the earring is not moving, that is a sign that it has merged with the flesh, and thus healing has not taken place.


There are various reasons why your earrings could be hurting when you wear fake(fashion)earrings. Here, we have looked at the fact that you’re dealing with a new piercing, which is usually when the ear hurts the most. It is also vulnerable to other issues such as infections and inflammation when not taken care of. It is a delicate time, and you have to ensure that you use surgical sterling silver or gold earrings, depending on whether you’re or not you’re allergic to them.

Also, have a conversation with the professional doing your piercing as they can recommend the best kind of metals and by extension earrings that you ought to wear when you’re in the healing process. Follow the advice that you get about carrying for your ear piercing during the healing process.

Another aspect is that you might not be wearing fake earrings at all. However, if you are, it is an indication that you are reacting to the material used and you should stop wearing them altogether. Shop around for metals that work for your skin.

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