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Choosing the Right Pendant Length for Your Neckline

The right necklace has the power to turn a stylish outfit into a stunner. But before you master this look, you must decide which pendant length is right for you.

Finding Your Balance Point

Pendant necklaces range from tight collars to mid-length matinee styles and long rope styles. To choose the right length, learn how to find the balance point on your neckline, then use your collar as a guide for trickier styles.The balance point trick finds the most flattering pendant length for your face by using symmetry. Your balance point is the location on your neckline that is the same distance from your chin as the length of your face. Necklaces that fall here frame your face perfectly. To find your balance point, measure the length of your face with a piece of yarn from the top of your forehead to your chin. Take this length of yarn and let it fall from your chin towards your chest. The spot where it falls is your balance point. A pendant necklace that falls here creates symmetry and frames your face.

Other Options for Pendant Length

Certain lengths of pendant necklaces are not meant to be worn at your balance point, such as short chokes. To pull off these styles, just let your collar lead the way. When your collar is very high, such as a turtle neck, opt for longer lengths that draw the eye downward, such as opera or rope styles. Conversely, short pendants, such as collars and chokes, help frame strapless dresses and draw attention to your face. When you have trouble coordinating a particular pendant at any length, follow the shape of your collar. Pendants tend to look best when the shape that they make on your neck mirrors the shape of your collar. If you are wearing a V-neck collar, a delicate chain that falls into a V-shape is often your best choice.

Bend the Rules

Do not be afraid to part from rules and play around with different lengths. Women with very long or short faces sometimes adjust the pendant length to create the illusion of a longer or shorter face. If you invest in a new chain, remember that a quality chain creates a much better impression and even makes inexpensive jewelry look more upscale.

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