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Fashion is often all about change, which can be to the detriment of the planet as well as our budgets. The fast-fashion industry, in particular, has come under heavy scrutiny for the sheer volume of cheap, poorly constructed garments that wind up in waste dumps. And the jewellery market is not immune.

Cheap, fad-based and non-precious jewellery contributes to the tonnes of waste that pollute the environment every year. So while you may dote on your lady love, we encourage you to ensure that when you're shopping for jewellery gifts for her, you're doing your part to be kind to the earth as well.

Instead of following fads, look for timeless jewellery gifts. To that end, here are some pieces of jewellery for her that she'll still love for years to come.


For the truly timeless, it's hard to find any gem or jewel more venerable than pearls. The oldest pearl ever found in a human settlement is the Abu Dhabi Pearl which is approximately 8000 years old (talk about jewellery gifts that never go out of style!).

In modern times, pearls are used in all kinds of jewellery, from rings to earrings to bracelets. But of course, their most iconic use is the classic pearl string necklace. This is by far their most iconic application.

Pearls also happen to be quite fashionable right now, so they're a great choice for a gift that's equal parts timely and timeless. They're also the traditional gift for a 30th anniversary, so they're the jewellery of choice for longtime lovers.


Hoop earrings are another timeless design. Though they're considered on trend right now, the oldest surviving examples of hoops date back to around 2500 BC. So like pearls, it's hard to claim that they're only a fad.

And part of that is because their simple, classic shape gives them a unique, practical quality. Hoop earrings draw attention to the face, making them great for highlighting a person's features. And because their design is so simple, they're suitable for every occasion.

That's not to say that there aren't different ways to wear hoop earrings. Larger or more ornate hoops are great ways to make a statement, for example. At the same time, smaller, simpler hoops are a conservative choice that will nevertheless capture the eye while accentuating a person's inherent beauty.


Chains are another jewellery design that you'll see a lot of at the moment. But like pearls and hoops, they're an example of a piece of jewellery that's been around for millennia (and probably as long as jewellery has existed).

A recent trend has been for large, bulky chains, but more delicate chains are much more likely to become wardrobe staples that will stand the test of time. However, wearing multiple chains of different styles and lengths in a layered style is a popular approach to achieving the best of both worlds.

Not that you need to create a jewellery gift box entirely out of chains. A basic gold or silver necklace is a timeless gift in its own right, as are more unique chain designs that are more eye-catching but still timeless.

A delicate chain is one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery in any wardrobe. They're almost always appropriate for workwear, and they will fit right in at most social functions. Of course, a delicate chain can also feature a pendant, with a smaller pendant being suitable for most occasions (read more about pendants below).

Chains match particularly well with simple, timeless garments like a little black dress for a special occasion. But they're likewise a great accent to a casual outfit that's already busy with a lot of patterns or other accessories.

Chain bracelets are popular as well. Whenever you see a charm bracelet, for example, it almost always takes the form of a simple gold or silver chain with the charms serving as the main feature.

Chain jewellery will never go out of style for the simple reason that nearly any outfit can be elevated by the luxurious glint of a strand of metal.


Neck accessories are eternally popular. The very first pieces of jewellery ever worn by humans were most likely simple necklaces made with string and adorned with beads or other simple decorations.

In modernity, necklaces of all kinds remain quintessential accessories. A chain necklace, as noted above, is an excellent addition to almost any outfit. But adding a decoration like a pendant or a locket takes it a step further.

Pendants are an excellent way for a person to create a form of visual shorthand expressing

who they are. Shapes like hearts, evil eyes and seashells are iconic and all carry significance. The type of gems used in them can also help express who a person is without ever saying a word.

Small and simple pendants suspended on a delicate chain are always appropriate for the office or social settings where you want to be less ostentatious. Alternatively, they can be used in a layered stack for a bold look. However, larger pendants in the shapes of stars, flowers or shells can help add a sense of fun, whimsy and creative flair to an outfit.

For the truly romantic, locket neckless are among the best jewellery gifts. How many books, films, and shows have a scene where a character opens a locket to gaze at a picture of a loved one within?

But you need not opt for a photo-locket, as they can be quite large and cumbersome. Modern, smaller lockets may contain a gemstone or other small trinket that carries personal significance. In either case, that kind of romantic instinct never goes out of style.


After necklaces, rings are probably the most ancient form of jewellery that the modern world inherited. And it's not hard to see why.

Engagement rings and wedding bands are deeply ingrained traditions, of course. Stacking rings and even larger signet rings can be on trend, while still being classic designs.

For the most timeless ring, it's hard to beat a simple, plain precious metal band or a ring with a single jewel, which will never look out-of-date. The use of a coloured gem lets a person add a flash of personality to an outfit while still keeping it appropriate for the workplace or any other conservative setting.


Gold jewellery has surely been around for as long as metalworking has existed. It is one of the most enduringly prized forms of jewellery.

As the least reactive of all metals, gold metal will last a lifetime - and well beyond. In fact, the oldest known piece of gold jewellery dates from almost 7000 years ago.

Gold will also retain its value. If you decide you no longer want or like a piece of gold jewellery it can always be melted down and used again, so you can sell it for its scrap value, which is still likely to be quite high. This means gold is always a good investment, even in a purely practical sense.

Beyond practical concerns, giving gold jewellery to someone is a show of love and an indication that your relationship, friendship or family connection is a long-term investment.

It makes a very special gift.


Fashion may be all about change, but it's also true that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

That's why the best jewellery gifts for her are timeless, rather than beholden to fads.

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