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When Jewelry is an Identity

When we wear jewelry, we find ourselves leaning towards an ideology or a national identity. It’s crazy to think that something so beautiful can mean so much in regards toward a group of people. This is how jewelry has always been- a culture that establishes itself and grows. It’s something more than a gathering of people and starts to create something completely different than anything else that has ever existed before.

Deeper Meaning

It’s a beautiful perspective knowing that the design around our necks, wrists, and ears has deeper meaning. Granted, some of the flash out there is simply in existence to be just shiny, but you begin to realize that it is these pieces that eventually fade away; while the pieces made with heart, soul, and of mindful intent that seem to transcend time.

Do you want to know why this happens? Why do some designs remain in the world of jewelry as so many different looks and styles come and go?

Our culture has developed a specific style that we see in our daily lives. This translates into our choice of clothing, music, and even jewelry. The familiarity gives the creation something of a resonance among those who come into contact with it. As the people of this nation spread out among the world they take their culture with them as well. The culture will effect others and have them come to like the creations that they make as well.

Culture and Art

Case in point, who doesn’t love a burrito? If we never knew who the Mexican people were, we would be deprived of this amazing meal built to go. Just as we acknowledge burritos as being Mexican or Spanish in origin, we see Celtic knots as Irish, or feathered items as Native American in their creation. We find individual cultures in the things they make, so by wearing what they create, we spread their word and make them immortal in the hearts of the millions that live on this planet that we call Earth.

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