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Is Sterling Silver Good for Everyday Wear?

Jewelry pieces are made for several reasons including accessorizing and commemorating. Some jewelry is made for one-time occasions and other types are made for everyday wear. With all the options available in the fashion world, is sterling silver good for everyday wear? Can you wear sterling silver every day?

Silver has long been a part of the ancient Romans’ daily existence. It is known that they used bits and pieces of this metal to pay for purchases. These chipped pieces of silver are what was referred to as hacksilver.

Sterling silver is a beautiful silver-hued metal that is 92.5% truly silver with a mix of 7.5% copper

Is Sterling Silver Good for Everyday Wear?

Yes. Sterling Silver is one of the best metals for everyday wear. if you are out looking for a statement piece that you could make your signature, then silver jewelry is the right match for you.

While pure silver would be too soft and therefore not desirable for everyday wear due to the possible denting it would be subjected to, sterling silver has no such limitation. By adding copper and other metals into the part silver metal, a formidable alloy is formed.

While this metal alloy we call sterling silver is not prone to scratches, dents, or rust, it still tends to tarnish after some time. Luckily, the tarnish can be scrubbed off quite easily with solutions you could make at home.

Important to note is that, along with your silver jewelry, be sure to buy a jewelry cleaning cloth or special microfiber cloth for cleaning purposes. Using these clothes and some simple solutions, you can clean any kind of tarnish and have your jewelry looking as good as new.

7 Reasons you Should Buy Silver Jewelry


Silver in itself is a weak and unworkable metal in terms of creating long-lasting jewelry. Sterling silver contains 92.5% of real silver and is combined with 7.5% other metal alloys to make it harder and more malleable to work with.

This metal maintains its beautiful silver shine and now has a harder more durable characteristic that can last a lifetime.

It may be a little expensive but it is worth it considering how long it could last. Sterling silver jewelry can be handed down as family heirlooms. Be sure to buy from reputable dealers and check for the marks of quality such as 925 or .925.

2. It’s trendy

Sterling silver is a loved metal both by manufacturers and clients.

Most gems, crystals, and stones are set on stainless steel because they can hold them in place effectively with no risk of detachment. This same reason has made silver settings heavily popular.

This means that as new designs and settings are developed and created, they get set on sterling silver before all other metals.

Buying sterling silver jewelry ensures you are always on trend even as styles and designs change every new month.

3.Unlimited options

Sterling silver can be molded and formed into many different shapes and designs. This means that there is something available for everybody.

Whether you are in the market for a pendant, necklace, chain, ring, or bracelets, thousands of designs will be found.

With both ancient and modern designs being incorporated, 925 sterling silver pieces of jewelry will never disappoint.

4.Build a collection

As we all like to look good and well put together, you may want to create a look by matching and pairing up sterling silver jewelry in various designs and from different designers to make a formidable collection.

Being a favorite among designers, sterling silver is always set to have the most iconic and fashion-forward high-end statement pieces that can be relied on in terms of quality.

If you need to build up a cool look for either of your weekend activities like parties, camping, lunch, and dinner dates, you can comfortably do so with a sterling silver setting.

5.Highly Versatile

Sterling silver has a great color that goes with all skin tones and colors.

Other than wearing it as a staple piece that monopolizes your entire outfit, you could have pieces of sterling silver jewelry mixed up with metals of similar or varying silver hues such as white gold or platinum.

Other metals such as stainless steel are not ideal for pairing as their shine is way too dull and would take away from the sterling silver shine. Rose gold and some shades of yellow gold jewelry may also be paired up with sterling silver.

Mixed up with some white gold of course to create a balance. Creating two or three-toned expressions is very sophisticated and goes with any outfit, event, and season.

6.Hypoallergenic Metal

It is known that some metals could have irritating elements to them that might cause infections, skin rashes, or discoloration.

With sterling silver, you never have to worry about any such issue arising for any of your friends or family. This metal has long been proven to be hypoallergenic.

Even with the added metal of 7.5% mostly copper, you can rest assured that no part of this alloyed metal should cause any reaction.

So, throw on your silver pieces as often as you fancy and gift them to as many people as you wish confidently.

7.Easy maintenance

Taking care of your sterling silver jewelry should be very easy because it is resistant to corrosion and rust. With that out of the way, the only issue left would be tarnish.

Tarnishing your silver pieces will happen if you do not store your jewelry in air-tight containers in dark locations.

However, for you who want to wear your jewelry daily, it ironically works to your favor because your body oils and lotions are constantly rubbing the metal keeping it shiny.

Even after a long while, you can easily rub the tarnish off using a microfiber cloth.

Most jewelers should have some in their store and having one would save you a lot of unnecessary worries.


Sterling silver is the go-to jewelry type to buy if you plan to be wearing them on a daily basis.

You can count on them to match your outfits and the occasions for which you are wearing them because they are simple, sophisticated, and versatile.

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