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How To Make Your Jewelry Shine

Our “recipe” for jewelry care and cleaning

There’s nothing worse than silver that’s lost its shine. If you’re guilty of wearing jewelry in the shower, when you’re cleaning or while you’re cooking (it’s ok – we are too!) you might notice it looking dull. Have no fear! We’re here with tips to clean, polish and care for your silver jewelry so it keeps shining for years to come.

Cooking with jewelry is one thing, but baking, especially making cookie dough or pie crusts is another. Floury baking items can get caked on and stuck in your jewelry. Removing rings when you’re kneading or mixing with your hands is always the best bet – but be sure to put them in a safe dry place!

First, no two pieces of jewelry are the same & there are different ways to clean and care for each. Ozay Designs and Silpada’s jewelry is made with 925 sterling silver, and will have a .925 stamp on it. Did you know that wearing silver jewelry often can actually


Silver can tarnish over time – and that’s ok! Tarnishing occurs when silver is exposed to oxygen or sulfur, which are a little hard to avoid.

Polishing your jewelry with a silver cleaning cloth will remove most tarnish. One side wipes jewelry clean while the other polishes and shines. Silver is a soft metal and that means it’s more likely to become scratched. Don’t use a toothbrush or other abrasive cleaners because they will likely scratch the silver.

When polishing, use back and forth motions instead of rubbing in circles which will actually magnify or intensify scratches and blemishes. Make sure you’re moving to different sections of the cloth as you go.

Tips from our experts

  • If tarnish is not severe, grab a Cleaning Cloth and buff it out. These cloths get the job done!

  • For a quick touch up, grab some Dawn Dish Soap and lather your jewelry up!

  • Lightly wipe your plated jewelry with a damp cotton cloth. This will help to eliminate any dirt or dust from accumulating on the surface and wearing away the plating from the silver.

  • Store silver with a slip of anti-tarnish paper.

  • Avoid wearing jewelry under hot water when doing dishes or washing hands.

  • Oxidized pieces can lose the purposeful detailing from excessive cleaning, so treat these pieces differently than your sterling silver jewels.

  • Show off your Style! The best way to keep tarnishing from occurring is to wear it!

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