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Effects of Hand Sanitizer on Jewelry

Did you know hand sanitizer can damage your jewelry?

During the recent pandemic, we have all been washing our hands and using hand sanitizer much more often than ever before. Some of you may not be aware of the negative effect on jewelry from the repeated use of hand sanitizer. Even as the pandemic is waning we are all finding ourselves being more careful trying to keep our hands germ free.

There are basically two kinds of hand sanitizer: alcohol-based and alcohol-free. Alcohol-free sanitizer uses chlorine-based chemicals. These chlorine-based chemicals can accelerate tarnish and corrosion as well as dull your diamonds, gemstones and gold or silver settings. They can also cause prongs to loosen as they may change the surface of the metal over time. We may be purchasing our own hand sanitizer or using hand sanitizer dispensers in stores or schools. In the latter situation, we do not know the ingredients or which base chemical is in these dispensers.

Follow these 3 steps to prevent damage to your engagement rings and other jewelry.

  1. Remove your rings when applying hand sanitizer

  2. Wait until your hands and fingers are completely dry before placing your rings back on

  3. Hold off wearing your jewelry for everyday use during time periods when needing to apply hand sanitizer multiple times a day

If you decide to hold off wearing your jewelry, for now, it’s important to clean it using the proper methods. Once cleaned place your jewelry in tarnish prevention packaging to preserve its shine and beauty. Be sure it’s completely dry, with no fingerprints, oils, chemicals, or deposits for the best results.

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